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Last Advisories
Free MP3 CD Ripper 2.6 2.8 (.wav) - SEH Based Buffer Overflow 23-04-2015
ZYXEL P-660HN-T1H_IPv6 Remote Configuration Editor / Web Server DoS 23-04-2015
Ubuntu usb-creator 0.2.x - Local Privilege Escalation 23-04-2015
Wolf CMS 0.8.2 Arbitrary File Upload Exploit 22-04-2015
Open-Letters Remote PHP Code Injection Vulnerability 22-04-2015
MooPlayer 1.3.0 'm3u' SEH Buffer Overflow 22-04-2015
OpenBSD <= 5.6 - Multiple Local Kernel Panics 21-04-2015
Photo Manager Pro 4.4.0 iOS - Code Execution Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Wordpress NEX-Forms < 3.0 - SQL Injection Vulnerability 21-04-2015
WordPress MiwoFTP Plugin <= 1.0.5 - Arbitrary File Download 21-04-2015
WordPress Tune Library Plugin 1.5.4 - SQL Injection Vulnerability 21-04-2015
ProFTPd 1.3.5 - Remote Command Execution 21-04-2015
MediaSuite CMS - Artibary File Disclosure Exploit 21-04-2015
Mobile Drive HD 1.8 - File Include Web Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Photo Manager Pro 4.4.0 iOS - File Include Vulnerability 21-04-2015
WordPress Community Events Plugin 1.3.5 - SQL Injection Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Adobe Flash Player copyPixelsToByteArray Integer Overflow 21-04-2015
BlueDragon CFChart Servlet - Arbitrary File Retrieval/Deletion 21-04-2015
Wordpress Reflex Gallery Upload Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Wordpress N-Media Website Contact Form Upload Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Wordpress Creative Contact Form Upload Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Wordpress Work The Flow Upload Vulnerability 21-04-2015
Mac OS X Local Denial of Service 21-04-2015
ADB Backup Archive Path Traversal File Overwrite 21-04-2015
Oracle Outside-In DOCX File Parsing Memory Corruption 17-04-2015
Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office - Crash PoC 17-04-2015
Wordpress Ajax Store Locator 1.2 SQL Injection Vulnerability 16-04-2015
MS Windows (HTTP.sys) HTTP Request Parsing DoS (MS15-034) 16-04-2015
Microsoft Window - HTTP.sys PoC (MS15-034) 15-04-2015
Samsung iPOLiS ReadConfigValue Remote Code Execution 14-04-2015