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Last Advisories
Joomla Component CCNewsLetter 2.1.9 - 'sbid' Parameter SQL Injection27-07-2017
AudioCoder 0.8.46 - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH)26-07-2017
Friends in War Make or Break 1.7 - SQL Injection26-07-2017
MediaCoder - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH)26-07-2017
Microsoft Windows - LNK Shortcut File Code Execution (Metasploit)26-07-2017
Friends in War Make or Break 1.7 - Cross-Site Request Forgery (Change Admin Password)26-07-2017
WebKit JSC - 'arrayProtoFuncSplice' Uninitialized Memory Reference25-07-2017
WebKit JSC - 'ArgumentsEliminationPhase::transform' Incorrect LoadVarargs Handling25-07-2017
Friends in War Make or Break 1.7 - Authentication Bypass25-07-2017
WebKit JSC - 'JSObject::putInlineSlow and JSValue::putToPrimitive' Universal Cross-Site Scripting25-07-2017
WebKit JSC - 'JSArray::appendMemcpy' Uninitialized Memory Copy25-07-2017
WebKit JSC - 'ObjectPatternNode::appendEntry' Stack Use-After-Free25-07-2017
WebKit JSC - 'DFG::ByteCodeParser::flush(InlineStackEntry* inlineStackEntry)' Incorrect Scope Register Handling25-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::getCachedWrapper' Use-After-Free24-07-2017
Razer Synapse - rzpnk.sys ZwOpenProcess (Metasploit)24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::AccessibilityNodeObject::textUnderElement' Use-After-Free24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::InputType::element' Use-After-Free24-07-2017
PaulShop - SQL Injection / Cross-Site Scripting24-07-2017
REDDOXX Appliance Build 2032 / 2.0.625 - Arbitrary File Disclosure24-07-2017
VICIdial 2.9 RC 1 to 2.13 RC1 - user_authorization Unauthenticated Command Execution (Metasploit)24-07-2017
IPFire < 2.19 Update Core 110 - Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::Node::nextSibling' Use-After-Free24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::RenderSearchField::addSearchResult' Heap Buffer Overflow24-07-2017
REDDOXX Appliance Build 2032 / 2.0.625 - Remote Command Execution24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::Node::getFlag' Use-After-Free24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::AccessibilityRenderObject::handleAriaExpandedChanged' Use-After-Free24-07-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::RenderObject' with Accessibility Enabled Use-After-Free24-07-2017
Sophos Web Appliance - 'trafficType' Remote Command Injection (Metasploit)18-07-2017
Barracuda Load Balancer Firmware <= - Remote Command Injection (Metasploit)18-07-2017
Belkin NetCam F7D7601 - Multiple Vulnerabilities17-07-2017