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Last Advisories
ALCASAR 2.8 Remote Root Code Execution Vulnerability 09-09-2014
Obfuscated Shellcode Linux x86 - chmod 777 (/etc/passwd + /etc/shadow) & Add New Root User & Execute /bin/bash 09-09-2014
PHP Stock Management System 1.02 - Multiple Vulnerabilty 09-09-2014
Atmail Webmail 7.2 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 09-09-2014
TP-LINK Model No. TL-WR841N / TL-WR841ND - Multiple Vulnerabilities 09-09-2014
TP-LINK Model No. TL-WR340G / TL-WR340GD - Multiple Vulnerabilities 09-09-2014
ManageEngine Desktop Central StatusUpdate Arbitrary File Upload 09-09-2014
Jenkins 1.578 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 08-09-2014
Mpay24 PrestaShop Payment Module 1.5 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 08-09-2014
Wordpress Plugins Premium Gallery Manager Unauthenticated Configuration Access Vulnerability 05-09-2014
Magsad CMS Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability05-09-2014
BulletProof FTP Client 2010 - Buffer Overflow (SEH) Exploit 05-09-2014
MyBB User Social Networks Plugin 1.2 - Stored XSS 05-09-2014
Xshopsaz CMS Multiple Vulnerability04-09-2014
vBulletin 4.0.x - 4.1.2 (search.php, cat param) - SQL Injection Exploit 03-09-2014
Wordpress Huge-IT Image Gallery 1.0.1 Authenticated SQL Injection 02-09-2014
ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Multiple Vulnerabilities 01-09-2014
ManageEngine Desktop Central - Arbitrary File Upload / RCE 01-09-2014
Wing FTP Server Authenticated Command Execution 01-09-2014
WordPress Slideshow Gallery Plugin 1.4.6 - Shell Upload Vulnerability 01-09-2014
Arachni Web Application Scanner Web UI - Stored XSS Vulnerability 01-09-2014
Mulitple WordPress Themes (admin-ajax.php, img param) - Arbitrary File Download 01-09-2014
MyBB 1.6.15 => Admin Panel Stored XSS Cross-Site Scripting31-08-2014
STI-CS CMS Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability30-08-2014
F5 Big-IP - Unauthenticated rsync Access 29-08-2014
ehsanweb CMS Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability29-08-2014
HTML Help Workshop 1.4 - (SEH) Buffer Overflow 29-08-2014
XRMS - Blind SQL Injection and Command Execution 28-08-2014
PhpWiki - Remote Command Execution 28-08-2014
ActualAnalyzer Lite 2.81 - Unauthenticated Command Execution 28-08-2014