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Last Advisories
BIND9 - TKEY PoC 01-08-2015
T-Mobile Internet Manager - Contact Name Crash PoC 31-07-2015
phpFileManager 0.9.8 - CSRF Vulnerability 29-07-2015
Heroes of Might and Magic III - Map Parsing Arbitrary Code Execution 29-07-2015
phpFileManager 0.9.8 - Remote Command Execution Vulnerability 28-07-2015
WordPress Count Per Day Plugin 3.4 - SQL Injection 27-07-2015
Xceedium Xsuite - Multiple Vulnerabilities 27-07-2015
WordPress Unite Gallery Lite Plugin 1.4.6 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 27-07-2015
Libuser Library - Multiple Vulnerabilities 27-07-2015
Hawkeye-G v3.0.1.4912 Persistent XSS & Information Leakage 27-07-2015
Foxit Reader - PNG Conversion Parsing tEXt Chunk Arbitrary Code Execution 27-07-2015
Hawkeye-G v3.0.1.4912 CSRF Vulnerability 24-07-2015
OS X 10.10 DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE Local Privilege Escalation 22-07-2015
Counter-Strike 1.6 'GameInfo' Query Reflection DoS PoC 22-07-2015
win32/xp[TR] sp3 MessageBox - 24Bytes 21-07-2015
Image Transfer IOS - Remote Crash Proof Of Concept 21-07-2015
Joomla! Helpdesk Pro Plugin < 1.4.0 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 21-07-2015
SysAid Help Desk 'rdslogs' Arbitrary File Upload 21-07-2015
Internet Download Manager - OLE Automation Array Remote Code Execution 21-07-2015
Microsoft Word Local Machine Zone Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 20-07-2015
TcpDump rpki_rtr_pdu_print Out-of-Bounds Denial of Service 20-07-2015
D-Link Cookie Command Execution 17-07-2015
WordPress BuddyPress Activity Plus Plugin 1.5 - CSRF Vulnerability 17-07-2015
8 TOTOLINK Router Models - Backdoor and RCE 16-07-2015
4 TOTOLINK Router Models - Backdoor Credentials 16-07-2015
4 TOTOLINK Router Models - CSRF and XSS Vulnerabilities 16-07-2015
15 TOTOLINK Router Models - Multiple RCE Vulnerabilities 16-07-2015
Kaseya Virtual System Administrator - Multiple Vulnerabilities 15-07-2015
Joomla DOCman Component - Multiple Vulnerabilities 15-07-2015
ZOC Terminal Emulator 7 - (Quick Connection) Crash PoC 14-07-2015