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Last Advisories
QWR-1104 Wireless-N Router - Cross-Site Scripting26-05-2017
Microsoft MsMpEng - Multiple Problems Handling ntdll!NtControlChannel Commands26-05-2017
JAD java Decompiler 1.5.8e - Local Buffer Overflow26-05-2017
Google Chrome 60.0.3080.5 V8 JavaScript Engine - Out-of-Bounds Write26-05-2017
WebKit - Stealing Variables via Page Navigation in FrameLoader::clear25-05-2017
Apple WebKit / Safari 10.0.3(12602.4.8) - 'Editor::Command::execute' Universal Cross-Site Scripting25-05-2017
Skia Graphics Library - Heap Overflow due to Rounding Error in SkEdge::setLine25-05-2017
Apple WebKit / Safari 10.0.3(12602.4.8) - 'WebCore::FrameView::scheduleRelayout' Use-After-Free25-05-2017
WebKit - enqueuePageshowEvent and enqueuePopstateEvent Universal Cross-Site Scripting25-05-2017
WebKit - 'ContainerNode::parserRemoveChild' Universal Cross-Site Scripting25-05-2017
WebKit - 'ContainerNode::parserInsertBefore' Universal Cross-Site Scripting25-05-2017
Mozilla Firefox < 53 - 'ConvolvePixel' Memory Disclosure25-05-2017
Mozilla Firefox < 53 - 'gfxTextRun' Out-of-Bounds Read25-05-2017
Apple Safari 10.0.3(12602.4.8) / WebKit - 'HTMLObjectElement::updateWidget' Universal Cross-Site Scripting25-05-2017
Sandboxie 5.18 - Local Denial of Service25-05-2017
Dup Scout Enterprise 9.7.18 - '.xml' Local Buffer Overflow24-05-2017
NetGain EM 7.2.647 build 941 - Authentication Bypass / Local File Inclusion24-05-2017
Samba 3.5.0 - Remote Code Execution24-05-2017
VX Search Enterprise 9.5.12 - GET Buffer Overflow (Metasploit)23-05-2017
Apple macOS - Local Privilege Escalation Due to Lack of Bounds Checking in HIServices Custom CFObject Serialization23-05-2017
Apple iOS/macOS Kernel - Memory Disclosure Due to Lack of Bounds Checking in netagent Socket Option Handling23-05-2017
Apple iOS/macOS Kernel - Use-After-Free Due to Bad Locking in Unix Domain Socket File Descriptor Externalization23-05-2017
VMware Workstation for Linux 12.5.2 build-4638234 - ALSA Config Host Root Privilege Escalation22-05-2017
Linux Kernel 4.11 - eBPF Verifier Log Leaks Lower Half of map Pointer22-05-2017
Apple macOS - '32-bit syscall exit' Kernel Register Leak22-05-2017
Apple macOS - 'stackshot' Raw Frame Pointers22-05-2017
PlaySMs 1.4 - 'import.php' Remote Code Execution21-05-2017
Secure Auditor 3.0 - Directory Traversal20-05-2017
KMCIS CaseAware - Cross-Site Scripting20-05-2017
Mantis Bug Tracker 1.3.10/2.3.0 - Cross-Site Request Forgery20-05-2017