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Last Advisories
HumHub 0.11.2 and 0.20.0-beta.2 - SQL Injection 30-11-2015
Easy File Sharing Web Server 7.2 - Remote SEH Buffer Overflow (DEP Bypass with ROP) 30-11-2015
Linux x86_64 Polymorphic execve Shellcode - 31 bytes 25-11-2015
SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise XML External Entity Information Disclosure Vulnerability 25-11-2015
WP-Client 3.8.7 - Stored XSS Vulnerability 24-11-2015
Oracle Outside In PDF 8.5.2 - Parsing Memory Corruption Vulnerability 23-11-2015
Oracle Outside In PDF 8.5.2 - Parsing Memory Corruption Vulnerability 2 23-11-2015
Windows Kernel Device Contexts and NtGdiSelectBitmap Use-After-Free (MS15-115) 23-11-2015
Joomla Content History SQLi Remote Code Execution 23-11-2015
Audacious 3.7 - ID3 Local Crash PoC 23-11-2015
Windows Race Condition DestroySMWP Use-After-Free (MS15-115) 23-11-2015
Windows Cursor Object Potential Memory Leak (MS15-115) 23-11-2015
Windows ndis.sys IOCTL 0x170034 (ndis!ndisNsiGetIfNameForIfIndex) - Pool Buffer Overflow (MS15-117) 23-11-2015
NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Driver Service - Arbitrary Run Key Creation 23-11-2015
vBulletin 5.x - Remote Code Execution Exploit 23-11-2015
Chkrootkit Local Privilege Escalation 20-11-2015
ZTE ZXHN H108N R1A, ZXV10 W300 Routers - Multiple Vulnerabilities 20-11-2015
ZTE ADSL ZXV10 W300 Modems - Multiple Vulnerabilities 20-11-2015
Cambium ePMP 1000 - Multiple Vulnerabilities 20-11-2015
Horde Groupware 5.2.10 - CSRF Vulnerability 19-11-2015
Chrome - open-vcdiff OOB Read in Browser Process Integer Overflow 19-11-2015
Netwin SurgeFTP Sever 23d6 - Stored Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities. 19-11-2015
Sam Spade 1.14 - Decode URL Buffer Overflow Crash PoC 19-11-2015
SuperScan 4.1 - Windows Enumeration Hostname/IP/URL Field SEH Overflow 19-11-2015
SuperScan 4.1 - Tools Hostname/IP/URL Field Buffer Overflow 19-11-2015
SuperScan 4.1 - Scan Hostname/IP Field Buffer Overflow 19-11-2015
F5 iControl iCall::Script Root Command Execution 19-11-2015
WordPress Users Ultra Plugin 1.5.50 - Unrestricted File Upload 18-11-2015
IBM i Access 7.1 - Buffer Overflow Code Execution 18-11-2015
D-Link DIR-825 (vC) - Multiple Vulnerabilities 16-11-2015