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Last Advisories
OrientDB 3.0.17 GA Community Edition - Cross-Site Request Forgery / Cross-Site Scripting08-03-2019
Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) < 6.20 - WebKit Code Execution (PoC)08-03-2019
DirectAdmin 1.55 - 'CMD_ACCOUNT_ADMIN' Cross-Site Request Forgery08-03-2019
Drupal < 8.5.11 / < 8.6.10 - RESTful Web Services unserialize() RCE (Metasploit)07-03-2019
QNAP TS-431 QTS < 4.2.2 - Remote Command Execution (Metasploit)07-03-2019
FreeBSD - Intel SYSRET Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)07-03-2019
Anyburn 4.3 x86 - 'Copy disc to image file' Buffer Overflow - (UNICODE)(SEH)07-03-2019
Kados R10 GreenBee - Multiple SQL Injection07-03-2019
Imperva SecureSphere 13.x - PWS Command Injection (Metasploit)07-03-2019
Linux < 4.20.14 - Virtual Address 0 is Mappable via Privileged write() to /proc/*/mem06-03-2019
Android - binder Use-After-Free via racy Initialization of ->allow_user_free06-03-2019
Android - getpidcon() Usage in Hardware binder ServiceManager Permits ACL Bypass06-03-2019
Linux/x86 - XOR Encoder / Decoder execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode (45 bytes)05-03-2019
OpenDocMan 1.3.4 - 'search.php where' SQL Injection05-03-2019
Raisecom XPON ISCOMHT803G-U_2.0.0_140521_R4.1.47.002 - Remote Code Execution04-03-2019
Linux/x86 - iptables -F Shellcode (43 bytes)04-03-2019
Linux/x86 - NOT Encoder / Decoder - execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode (44 bytes)04-03-2019
OOP CMS BLOG 1.0 - Multiple Cross-Site Request Forgery04-03-2019
Booked Scheduler 2.7.5 - Remote Command Execution (Metasploit)04-03-2019
MarcomCentral FusionPro VDP Creator < 10.0 - Directory Traversal04-03-2019
Splunk Enterprise 7.2.4 - Custom App Remote Command Execution (Persistent Backdoor / Custom Binary)04-03-2019
Microsoft Edge Chakra 1.11.4 - Read Permission via Type Confusion04-03-2019
WordPress Plugin Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan 8.0 - Multiple Bypass Vulnerabilities04-03-2019
Bolt CMS 3.6.4 - Cross-Site Scripting04-03-2019
Linux/x64 - Kill All Processes Shellcode (11 bytes)04-03-2019
OOP CMS BLOG 1.0 - Multiple SQL Injection04-03-2019
CMSsite 1.0 - Multiple Cross-Site Request Forgery04-03-2019
Craft CMS 3.1.12 Pro - Cross-Site Scripting04-03-2019
zzzphp CMS 1.6.1 - Cross-Site Request Forgery04-03-2019
elFinder 2.1.47 - 'PHP connector' Command Injection04-03-2019