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Last Advisories
Remote Process Explorer - Denial of Service SEH Overwrite (PoC)01-02-2019
SureMDM < 2018-11 Patch - Local / Remote File Inclusion01-02-2019
Linux/x86 - Read /etc/passwd Shellcode (58 Bytes) (3)01-02-2019
LanHelper 1.74 - Denial of Service (PoC)31-01-2019
FlexHEX 2.46 - Denial of Service SEH Overwrite (PoC)31-01-2019
ASPRunner Professional 6.0.766 - Denial of Service (PoC)31-01-2019
macOS XNU - Copy-on-Write Behaviour Bypass via Partial-Page Truncation of File31-01-2019
macOS < 10.14.3 / iOS < 12.1.3 - Sandbox Escapes due to Type Confusions and Memory Safety Issues in iohideventsystem31-01-2019
UltraISO - 'Output FileName' Local Buffer Overflow (SEH)31-01-2019
R 3.5.0 - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH)31-01-2019
macOS < 10.14.3 / iOS < 12.1.3 - Arbitrary mach Port Name Deallocation in XPC Services due to Invalid mach Message Parsing in _xpc_serializer_unpack31-01-2019
macOS < 10.14.3 / iOS < 12.1.3 XNU - 'vm_map_copy' Optimization which Requires Atomicity isn't Atomic31-01-2019
Anyburn 4.3 - 'Convert image to file format' Denial of Service31-01-2019
AMAC Address Change 5.4 - Denial of Service (PoC)31-01-2019
Advanced Host Monitor 11.90 Beta - 'Registration number' Denial of Service (PoC)31-01-2019
macOS < 10.14.3 / iOS < 12.1.3 - Kernel Heap Overflow in PF_KEY due to Lack of Bounds Checking when Retrieving Statistics31-01-2019
10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer 8.54 - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH) (DEP Bypass)30-01-2019
Rukovoditel Project Management CRM 2.4.1 - 'lists_id' SQL Injection30-01-2019
Windows/x86 - 'msiexec.exe' Download and Execute Shellcode (95 bytes)30-01-2019
Necrosoft DIG 0.4 - Denial of Service SEH Overwrite (PoC)30-01-2019
iOS/macOS 10.13.6 - 'if_ports_used_update_wakeuuid()' 16-byte Uninitialized Kernel Stack Disclosure30-01-2019
IP-Tools 2.50 - Denial of Service SEH Overwrite (PoC)30-01-2019
Advanced File Manager 3.4.1 - Denial of Service (PoC)30-01-2019
HTML5 Video Player 1.2.5 - Local Buffer Overflow (Non SEH)29-01-2019
Linux/x86 - execve(/bin/sh) + RShift-1 Encoded Shellcode (29 bytes)29-01-2019
PDF Signer 3.0 - Server-Side Template Injection leading to Remote Command Execution (via Cross-Site Request Forgery Cookie)29-01-2019
MiniUPnPd 2.1 - Out-of-Bounds Read29-01-2019
Check Point ZoneAlarm - Local Privilege Escalation17-01-2019
Microsoft Windows CONTACT - Remote Code Execution17-01-2019
Oracle Reports Developer Component - Cross-site Scripting17-01-2019