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Last Advisories
McAfee True Key - McAfee.TrueKey.Service Privilege Escalation11-12-2018
HotelDruid 2.3.0 - 'id_utente_mod' SQL Injection11-12-2018
Linux/x86 - Bind (1337/TCP) Ncat (/usr/bin/ncat) Shell (/bin/bash) + Null-Free Shellcode (95 bytes)11-12-2018
Huawei B315s-22 - Information Leak11-12-2018
LanSpy - Local Buffer Overflow (PoC)11-12-2018
SmartFTP Client 9.0.2623.0 - Denial of Service (PoC)11-12-2018
DomainMOD 4.11.01 - Cross-Site Scripting11-12-2018
ThinkPHP 5.0.23/5.1.31 - Remote Code Execution11-12-2018
Apache OFBiz 16.11.05 - Cross-Site Scripting11-12-2018
WordPress Plugin AutoSuggest 0.24 - 'wpas_keys' SQL Injection11-12-2018
ZTE ZXHN H168N - Improper Access Restrictions11-12-2018
Adobe ColdFusion 2018 - Arbitrary File Upload11-12-2018
XNU - POSIX Shared Memory Mappings have Incorrect Maximum Protection11-12-2018
PrinterOn Enterprise 4.1.4 - Arbitrary File Deletion11-12-2018
Alumni Tracer SMS Notification - SQL Injection / Cross-Site Request Forgery11-12-2018
TP-Link wireless router Archer C1200 - Cross-Site Scripting11-12-2018
PrestaShop 1.6.x/1.7.x - Remote Code Execution11-12-2018
Kubernetes - (Unauthenticated) Arbitrary Requests10-12-2018
Kubernetes - (Authenticated) Arbitrary Requests10-12-2018
Textpad 8.1.2 - Denial Of Service (PoC)09-12-2018
DomainMOD 4.11.01 - 'DisplayName' Cross-Site Scripting09-12-2018
i-doit CMDB 1.11.2 - Remote Code Execution09-12-2018
Adiscon LogAnalyzer < 4.1.7 - Cross-Site Scripting09-12-2018
HasanMWB 1.0 - SQL Injection05-12-2018
DomainMOD 4.11.01 - Owner name Field Cross-Site Scripting04-12-2018
Xorg X11 Server (AIX) - Local Privilege Escalation04-12-2018
Microsoft Lync for Mac 2011 - Injection Forced Browsing/Download04-12-2018
OpenSSH < 7.7 - User Enumeration (2)04-12-2018
Linux/x86 - /usr/bin/head -n99 cat etc/passwd Shellcode (61 Bytes)04-12-2018
KeyBase Botnet 1.5 - SQL Injection04-12-2018