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Last Advisories
Parallels Remote Application Server 15.5 - Path Traversal22-02-2018
NoMachine x64 < 6.0.80 - 'nxfuse' Privilege Escalation22-02-2018
NoMachine x86 < 6.0.80 - 'nxfuse' Privilege Escalation22-02-2018
Trend Micro Email Encryption Gateway 5.5 (Build 1111.00) - Multiple Vulnerabilities22-02-2018
Joomla! Component CW Tags 2.0.6 - SQL Injection22-02-2018
Disk Pulse Enterprise 10.4.18 - 'Import Command' Buffer Overflow (SEH)21-02-2018
Disk Savvy Enterprise 10.4.18 - Buffer Overflow (SEH)21-02-2018
EChat Server 3.1 - 'CHAT.ghp' Buffer Overflow21-02-2018
Wavpack 5.1.0 - Denial of Service21-02-2018
Microsoft Windows - StorSvc SvcMoveFileInheritSecurity Arbitrary File Creation Privilege Escalation20-02-2018
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - 'Js::RegexHelper::RegexReplace' Use-After-Free20-02-2018
utorrent - JSON-RPC Remote Code Execution / Information Disclosure20-02-2018
Microsoft Windows - Constrained Impersonation Capability Privilege Escalation20-02-2018
MagniComp SysInfo - mcsiwrapper Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)20-02-2018
Microsoft Windows - Global Reparse Point Security Feature Bypass/Elevation of Privilege20-02-2018
Microsoft Windows - NPFS Symlink Security Feature Bypass/Elevation of Privilege/Dangerous Behavior20-02-2018
Microsoft Windows Kernel - 'nt!RtlpCopyLegacyContextX86' Stack Memory Disclosure20-02-2018
October CMS < 1.0.431 - Cross-Site Scripting19-02-2018
Linux/ARM - IP Controlled TCP Bind Shell Shellcode (/bin/sh) (168 bytes)19-02-2018
Aastra 6755i SIP SP4 - Denial of Service19-02-2018
Joomla! Component Smart Shoutbox 3.0.0 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component SimpleCalendar 3.1.9 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component Solidres 2.5.1 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component JomEstate PRO 3.7 - 'id' SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component NeoRecruit 4.1 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component JTicketing 2.0.16 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component JquickContact - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component JS Jobs 1.1.9 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Component JS Autoz 1.0.9 - SQL Injection16-02-2018
Joomla! Pinterest Clone Social Pinboard 2.0 - SQL Injection16-02-2018