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Last Advisories
Online Test Script 2.0.7 - 'cid' SQL Injection07-02-2018
Multilanguage Real Estate MLM Script - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting07-02-2018
Cisco ASA - Crash PoC07-02-2018
Asterisk 13.17.2 - 'chan_skinny' Remote Memory Corruption07-02-2018
Naukri Clone Script - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting07-02-2018
Doctor Search Script 1.0.2 - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting07-02-2018
MalwareFox AntiMalware - Privilege Escalation07-02-2018
Adobe Coldfusion - BlazeDS Java Object Deserialization Remote Code Execution07-02-2018
Hot Scripts Clone Script Classified - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting07-02-2018
Marked2 - Local File Disclosure06-02-2018
Netis WF2419 Router - Cross-Site Scripting05-02-2018
Student Profile Management System Script 2.0.6 - Authentication Bypass05-02-2018
Joomla! Component JSP Tickets 1.1 - SQL Injection05-02-2018
BOCHS 2.6-5 - Buffer Overflow05-02-2018
Joomla! Component jLike 1.0 - Information Leak05-02-2018
Joomla! Component Zh GoogleMap - SQL Injection05-02-2018
Joomla! Component Zh BaiduMap - SQL Injection05-02-2018
MalwareFox AntiMalware - Privilege Escalation05-02-2018
Joomla! Component Zh YandexMap - 'id' SQL Injection05-02-2018
Apport/ABRT - 'chroot' Local Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)05-02-2018
Claymore Dual GPU Miner 10.5 - Format String05-02-2018
Windows - 'EternalRomance'/'EternalSynergy'/'EternalChampion' SMB Remote Code Execution (Metasploit) (MS17-010)05-02-2018
WordPress Core - 'load-scripts.php' Denial of Service05-02-2018
HPE iLO4 < 2.53 - Add New Administrator User05-02-2018
NixCMS 1.0 - 'category_id' SQL Injection05-02-2018
Online Voting System - Authentication Bypass05-02-2018
Wonder CMS 2.3.1 - 'Host' Header Injection05-02-2018
Wonder CMS 2.3.1 - Unrestricted File Upload05-02-2018
Matrimonial Website Script 2.1.6 - 'uid' SQL Injection05-02-2018
Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux - Privilege Escalation02-02-2018