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Last Advisories
Windows PowerShell ISE - Remote Code Execution03-05-2019
Crestron AM/Barco wePresent WiPG/Extron ShareLink/Teq AV IT/SHARP PN-L703WA/Optoma WPS-Pro/Blackbox HD WPS/InFocus LiteShow - Remote Command Injection03-05-2019
Linux/x86 - Reverse Shell Shellcode (91 Bytes) + Python Wrapper03-05-2019
Instagram Auto Follow - Authentication Bypass03-05-2019
SolarWinds DameWare Mini Remote Control 10.0 - Denial of Service03-05-2019
Ruby On Rails - DoubleTap Development Mode secret_key_base Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)02-05-2019
CentOS Web Panel (Free) / v0.9.8.753 (Pro) / (Pro) - Domain Field (Add DNS Zone) Cross-Site Scripting01-05-2019
Netgear DGN2200 / DGND3700 - Admin Password Disclosure30-04-2019
Joomla! Component JiFile 2.3.1 - Arbitrary File Download30-04-2019
Veeam ONE Reporter - Multiple Cross-Site Request Forgery30-04-2019
Veeam ONE Reporter - Persistent Cross-Site Scripting30-04-2019
Moodle 3.6.3 - 'Install Plugin' Remote Command Execution (Metasploit)30-04-2019
Freefloat FTP Server 1.0 - 'SIZE' Remote Buffer Overflow30-04-2019
Hyvikk Fleet Manager - Shell Upload30-04-2019
Veeam ONE Reporter - Persistent Cross-site Scripting (Add/Edit Widget)30-04-2019
Intelbras IWR 3000N 1.5.0 - Cross-Site Request Forgery30-04-2019
Agent Tesla Botnet - Information Disclosure30-04-2019
Domoticz 4.10577 - Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution30-04-2019
Freefloat FTP Server 1.0 - 'STOR' Remote Buffer Overflow30-04-2019
Spring Cloud Config 2.1.x - Path Traversal (Metasploit)30-04-2019
HumHub 1.3.12 - Cross-Site Scripting30-04-2019
Joomla! Component ARI Quiz 3.7.4 - SQL Injection30-04-2019
Intelbras IWR 3000N - Denial of Service (Remote Reboot)30-04-2019
SpotAuditor 5.2.6 - 'Name' Denial of Service (PoC)30-04-2019
DeviceViewer - 'user' SEH Overflow30-04-2019
Oracle Weblogic / - Remote Code Execution30-04-2019
Linux - Missing Locking Between ELF coredump code and userfaultfd VMA Modification30-04-2019
Pimcore < 5.71 - Unserialize RCE (Metasploit)30-04-2019
AIS logistics ESEL-Server - Unauth SQL Injection RCE (Metasploit)30-04-2019
NSauditor - 'Community' Denial of Service (PoC)26-04-2019