Planet FPS-1101 Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability 2011-04-04 20:15:34

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Planet FPS-1101 Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability

[+] Description

Equipped with the Parallel printing interfaces, the FPS-1101 makes your
printer available be shared in most popular network environment.

With the embedded web server, the FPS-1101 is configurable through your
network PC's Web Browser. Moreover, PLANET also provides a utility of
management for Microsoft Windows systems. With various network printing
methods included Windows Peer-to-Peer printing, NetWare and Windows server
based Queues printing, LPR printing, Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and
AppleTalk for Macintosh, the FPS-1101 can be applied to any network easily.

[+] Information

Title: Planet FPS-1101 Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
Shodan Dork: ZOT-PS-30/8.3.0013 -WWW-Authenticate
Advisory: gg-011-2011
Date: 03-15-2011
Last update: 03-26-2011
Link: http://www.gotgeek.com.br/pocs/gg-011-2011.txt

[+] Vulnerabilities

Stored Cross-site Scripting:
Web interface from FPS-1101 Print Server is affected by stored cross-site scripting
vulnerability because it fails to properly sanitize user-supplied input at
"NDSContext" field in "NetWare NDS Settings" area.
An attacker may leverage this issue to execute arbitrary script code
in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site.

After injecting the XSS code, you need to access Netware status page.

Affected Versions:

Planet FPS-1101 10/100Mbps Direct Attached Print Server
Firmware: 8.03.30A 0013 (ZOT-PS-30/8.3.0013)
8.03.30A 0007 (ZOT-PS-30/8.3.0007)

Other versions may also be vulnerable.

[+] Proof of Concept/Exploit


and then..


[+] Timeline

24-03-2011: first contact to vendor.
27-03-2011: support contact response.
28-03-2011: second contact and more information was sent.
03-04-2011: no vendor response.
04-04-2011: advisory published.

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