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Last Advisories
phpFileManager 1.7.8 - Local File Inclusion02-04-2019
JioFi 4G M2S 1.0.2 - Cross-Site Request Forgery02-04-2019
CMS Made Simple < 2.2.10 - SQL Injection02-04-2019
LimeSurvey < 3.16 - Remote Code Execution02-04-2019
WordPress Plugin PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway 1.6.8 - Parameter Tampering02-04-2019
Fiverr Clone Script 1.2.2 - SQL Injection / Cross-Site Scripting02-04-2019
Inout RealEstate - 'city' SQL Injection02-04-2019
AIDA64 Extreme Edition 5.99.4800 - Local SEH Buffer Overflow02-04-2019
Inout EasyRooms - SQL Injection02-04-2019
CentOS Web Panel - NameServer Field Persistent Cross-Site Scripting29-03-2019
Thomson Reuters Concourse & Firm Central < 2.13.0097 - Directory Traversal / Local File Inclusion28-03-2019
WordPress Plugin Loco Translate 2.2.1 - Local File Inclusion28-03-2019
gnutls 3.6.6 - 'verify_crt()' Use-After-Free28-03-2019
Jettweb PHP Hazır Rent A Car Sitesi Scripti V2 - 'arac_kategori_id' SQL Injection28-03-2019
Fat Free CRM 0.19.0 - HTML Injection28-03-2019
Airbnb Clone Script - Multiple SQL Injection28-03-2019
Base64 Decoder 1.1.2 - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH Egghunter)28-03-2019
BigTree 4.3.4 CMS - Multiple SQL Injection28-03-2019
CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) Showtime2 - File Upload RCE (Metasploit)28-03-2019
Job Portal 3.1 - 'job_submit' SQL Injection28-03-2019
i-doit 1.12 - 'qr.php' Cross-Site Scripting28-03-2019
WordPress Plugin Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall 4.18.63 - Local File Inclusion28-03-2019
Microsoft Visio 2016 16.0.4738.1000 - 'Log in accounts' Denial of Service28-03-2019
Oracle Weblogic Server Deserialization RCE - Raw Object (Metasploit)28-03-2019
Jettweb Hazır Rent A Car Scripti V4 - SQL Injection27-03-2019
Firefox < 66.0.1 - 'Array.prototype.slice' Buffer Overflow26-03-2019
Jettweb Php Hazır İlan Sitesi Scripti V2 - SQL Injection26-03-2019
XooDigital - 'p' SQL Injection26-03-2019
SJS Simple Job Script - SQL Injection / Cross-Site Scripting26-03-2019
Titan FTP Server Version 2019 Build 3505 - Directory Traversal / Local File Inclusion26-03-2019