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Last Advisories
Tradebox CryptoCurrency - 'symbol' SQL Injection08-04-2019
QNAP Netatalk < 3.1.12 - Authentication Bypass08-04-2019
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - SEH Buffer Overflow08-04-2019
WordPress Plugin Limit Login Attempts Reloaded 2.7.4 - Login Limit Bypass08-04-2019
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 - User Enumeration08-04-2019
Apache 2.4.17 < 2.4.38 - 'apache2ctl graceful' 'logrotate' Local Privilege Escalation08-04-2019
Manage Engine ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 - Privilege Escalation05-04-2019
AIDA64 Extreme 5.99.4900 - 'Logging' SEH Buffer Overflow05-04-2019
WordPress Plugin Contact Form Maker 1.13.1 - Cross-Site Request Forgery05-04-2019
WordPress 5.0.0 - Crop-image Shell Upload (Metasploit)05-04-2019
Magic ISO Maker 5.5(build 281) - 'Serial Code' Denial of Service (PoC)04-04-2019
AIDA64 Engineer 5.99.4900 - 'Load from file' Field Buffer Overflow (SEH)04-04-2019
FreeSMS 2.1.2 - SQL Injection (Authentication Bypass)04-04-2019
PhreeBooks ERP 5.2.3 - Remote Command Execution03-04-2019
Ashop Shopping Cart Software - SQL Injection03-04-2019
PhreeBooks ERP 5.2.3 - Arbitrary File Upload03-04-2019
AIDA64 Business 5.99.4900 - SEH Buffer Overflow (EggHunter)03-04-2019
SpiderMonkey - IonMonkey Compiled Code Fails to Update Inferred Property Types (Type Confusion)03-04-2019
TeemIp IPAM < 2.4.0 - 'new_config' Command Injection (Metasploit)03-04-2019
WebKit JavaScriptCore - 'createRegExpMatchesArray' Type Confusion03-04-2019
Clinic Pro v4 - 'month' SQL Injection03-04-2019
iScripts ReserveLogic - SQL Injection03-04-2019
Google Chrome 72.0.3626.81 - 'V8TrustedTypePolicyOptions::ToImpl' Type Confusion03-04-2019
iOS < 12.2 / macOS < 10.14.4 XNU - pidversion Increment During execve is Unsafe03-04-2019
WebKit JavaScriptCore - Out-Of-Bounds Access in FTL JIT due to LICM Moving Array Access Before the Bounds Check03-04-2019
Google Chrome 72.0.3626.96 / 74.0.3702.0 - 'JSPromise::TriggerPromiseReactions' Type Confusion03-04-2019
WebKitGTK+ - 'ThreadedCompositor' Race Condition03-04-2019
WebKit JavaScriptCore - CodeBlock Dangling Watchpoints Use-After-Free03-04-2019
Google Chrome 73.0.3683.39 / Chromium 74.0.3712.0 - 'ReadableStream' Internal Object Leak Type Confusion03-04-2019
Cisco RV320 and RV325 - Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)03-04-2019