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Last Advisories
Oracle WebLogic - wls-wsat Component Deserialization Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)29-01-2018
Arq 5.10 - Local root Privilege Escalation (2)29-01-2018
macOS - 'sysctl_vfs_generic_conf' Stack Leak Through Struct Padding29-01-2018
iBall WRA150N - Multiple Vulnerabilities29-01-2018
systemd (systemd-tmpfiles) < 236 - 'fs.protected_hardlinks=0' Local Privilege Escalation29-01-2018
Artifex MuJS 1.0.2 - Integer Overflow28-01-2018
Artifex MuJS 1.0.2 - Denial of Service28-01-2018
Nexpose < 6.4.66 - Cross-Site Request Forgery28-01-2018
Trend Micro Threat Discovery Appliance 2.6.1062r1 - 'dlp_policy_upload.cgi' Remote Code Execution28-01-2018
KeystoneJS < 4.0.0-beta.7 - Cross-Site Request Forgery28-01-2018
PACSOne Server 6.6.2 DICOM Web Viewer - Directory Trasversal28-01-2018
Linux/x86 - Egghunter Shellcode (12 Bytes)28-01-2018
Buddy Zone 2.9.9 - SQL Injection28-01-2018
Netis WF2419 Router - Cross-Site Request Forgery28-01-2018
Hot Scripts Clone - 'subctid' SQL Injection28-01-2018
Task Rabbit Clone 1.0 - 'id' SQL Injection28-01-2018
PACSOne Server 6.6.2 DICOM Web Viewer - SQL Injection28-01-2018
TSiteBuilder 1.0 - SQL Injection28-01-2018
Multilanguage Real Estate MLM Script 3.0 - 'srch' SQL Injection28-01-2018
Linux/ARM - Reverse TCP ( Shell (/bin/sh) Null Free Shellcode (80 bytes)28-01-2018
Gnew 2018.1 - Cross-Site Request Forgery28-01-2018
Joomla! Component JS Support Ticket 1.1.0 - Cross-Site Request Forgery28-01-2018
Joomla! Component Jtag Members Directory 5.3.7 - Arbitrary File Download28-01-2018
BMC BladeLogic - Remote Command Execution26-01-2018
WordPress Plugin Learning Management System - 'course_id' SQL Injection26-01-2018
Linux/x86 - Disable ASLR Security Obfuscated Shellcode (23 bytes)26-01-2018
Dodocool DC38 N300 - Cross-site Request Forgery26-01-2018
Exodus Wallet (ElectronJS Framework) - Remote Code Execution25-01-2018
ASUS DSL-N14U B1 Router - Change Administrator Password25-01-2018
Oracle VirtualBox < 5.1.30 / < 5.2-rc1 - Guest to Host Escape24-01-2018