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Last Advisories
Kaltura - Remote PHP Code Execution over Cookie (Metasploit)24-01-2018
GoAhead Web Server - LD_PRELOAD Arbitrary Module Load (Metasploit)24-01-2018
Sync Breeze Enterprise 9.5.16 - Import Command Buffer Overflow (Metasploit)24-01-2018
RAVPower 2.000.056 - Root Remote Code Execution24-01-2018
WordPress Plugin Email Subscribers & Newsletters 3.4.7 - Information Disclosure24-01-2018
Professional Local Directory Script 1.0 - SQL Injection24-01-2018
Affiligator 2.1.0 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
LiveCRM SaaS Cloud 1.0 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
RSVP Invitation Online 1.0 - Cross-Site Request Forgery (Update Admin)23-01-2018
Photography CMS 1.0 - Cross-Site Request Forgery (Add Admin)23-01-2018
Zechat 1.5 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
Easy Car Script 2014 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
Wchat 1.5 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
Tumder 2.1 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
Blizzard Update Agent - JSON RPC DNS Rebinding23-01-2018
Linux/x86 - execve(/bin/sh) + ROT-N + Shift-N + XOR-N Encoded Shellcode (77 bytes)23-01-2018
NEC Univerge SV9100/SV8100 WebPro 10.0 - Configuration Download23-01-2018
HP Connected Backup 8.6/8.8.6 - Local Privilege Escalation23-01-2018
RAVPower 2.000.056 - Memory Disclosure23-01-2018
MixPad 5.00 - Buffer Overflow23-01-2018
CentOS Web Panel - 'row_id' / 'domain' SQL Injection23-01-2018
Quickad 4.0 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
Flexible Poll 1.2 - SQL Injection23-01-2018
Herospeed - 'TelnetSwitch' Remote Stack Overflow / Overwrite Password / Enable TelnetD22-01-2018
AsusWRT Router < - Unauthenticated LAN Remote Code Execution22-01-2018
CentOS Web Panel - Multiple Vulnerabilities21-01-2018
PHPFreeChat 1.7 - Denial of Service21-01-2018
OTRS 5.0.x/6.0.x - Remote Command Execution21-01-2018
Shopware 5.2.5/5.3 - Cross-Site Scripting21-01-2018
Oracle JDeveloper 11.1.x/12.x - Directory Traversal21-01-2018