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Last Advisories
MailCarrier 2.51 - POP3 'USER' Buffer Overflow15-04-2019
MailCarrier 2.51 - POP3 'LIST' SEH Buffer Overflow15-04-2019
UltraVNC Launcher - 'Path' Denial of Service (PoC)15-04-2019
Cisco RV130W Routers - Management Interface Remote Command Execution (Metasploit)15-04-2019
MailCarrier 2.51 - POP3 'TOP' SEH Buffer Overflow15-04-2019
Linux/x86 - Cat File Encode to base64 and post via curl to Webserver Shellcode (125 bytes)15-04-2019
Microsoft Windows - Contact File Format Arbitary Code Execution (Metasploit)12-04-2019
Zimbra Collaboration - Autodiscover Servlet XXE and ProxyServlet SSRF (Metasploit)12-04-2019
CyberArk EPM - Security Restrictions Bypass12-04-2019
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - XML External Entity Injection12-04-2019
ATutor < 2.2.4 - 'file_manager' Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)12-04-2019
Linux/x86 - Add User to Passwd File Shellcode (149 bytes)12-04-2019
D-Link DI-524 V2.06RU - Multiple Cross-Site Scripting10-04-2019
FTPShell Server 6.83 - 'Account name to ban' Local Buffer10-04-2019
FTPShell Server 6.83 - 'Virtual Path Mapping' Local Buffer10-04-2019
Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance (K1000) 6.4.120756 - Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution10-04-2019
Microsoft Windows - AppX Deployment Service Privilege Escalation09-04-2019
Apache Axis 1.4 - Remote Code Execution09-04-2019
Ashop Shopping Cart Software - 'bannedcustomers.php?blacklistitemid' SQL Injection09-04-2019
Linux/x64 - XANAX Decoder Shellcode (127 bytes)09-04-2019
TP-LINK TL-WR940N / TL-WR941ND - Buffer Overflow09-04-2019
Linux/x64 - XANAX Encoder Shellcode (127 bytes)09-04-2019
Jobgator - 'experience' SQL Injection08-04-2019
Tradebox CryptoCurrency - 'symbol' SQL Injection08-04-2019
River Past Cam Do 3.7.6 - 'Activation Code' Local Buffer Overflow08-04-2019
SaLICru -SLC-20-cube3(5) - HTML Injection08-04-2019
ShoreTel Connect ONSITE < 19.49.1500.0 - Multiple Vulnerabilities08-04-2019
FlexHEX 2.71 - SEH Buffer Overflow (Unicode)08-04-2019
Bolt CMS 3.6.6 - Cross-Site Request Forgery / Remote Code Execution08-04-2019
AllPlayer 7.4 - SEH Buffer Overflow (Unicode)08-04-2019