Kunena < 1.5.13, < 1.6.3 SQL Injection Vulnerability

2011-02-11 15:15:07

Vendor/Product: Kunena
Vulnerable Versions: < 1.5.14; < 1.6.3
Vulnerability Type: SQL Injection & information leakage
Risk level: High

Vulnerability Details:
Because parameterized queries were not used, and adequate input
sanitization was not done on the catids parameter on the advanced search
page, it is possible for an attacker to run limited SQL commands on the

Furthermore, when exploited with invalid SQL, it provides the full
stacktrace. This gives the attacker the exact version of Kunena, PHP,
and MySQL along with path to kunena.search.class.php. This path often
starts with /home/username which discloses the username, which can then
be used to launch further attacks. This can not be disabled in the
1.5.x branch, in 1.6.x branch it can be disabled via "display_errors = off".

If using the 1.5.x branch, upgrade to 1.5.14 and consider moving to the
1.6.x branch.
If using the 1.6.x branch, upgrade to 1.6.3 and set "display_errors =
off" to mitigate any damage for potential future issues


Proof of Concept:

Red Matter Inc.


No fixes

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